Private Equity Investing And Project Financing

We are the source of private equity and venture to many investees around the globe, focusing our core at providing financing opportunities to many 54 african countries.
We compliment what many organizations provide but unique at providing project finance, equity financing specific to Africans, african businesses and governments.

Working with African research firms, investors interested at investing in the African continent, and governments, 

We are confident that you will find success in the content and services provided.

We believe Africa has awaken.

A Stock exchange is a corporation or mutual organization which provides facilities for stockbrokers and traders to trade stocks and other securities. 

Creation of a stock exchange is a strategy of economic development: it provides a means of raising capital for investment. Stock markets may enhance economic activity through the creation of liquidity: a liquid equity market makes investment more attractive because it allows individuals to acquire equity and when required to sell it quickly and cheaply. At the same time, companies enjoy permanent access to capital raised through equity issues. 

It has been found that countries that open stock markets grow faster, on average, than the control groups.  In Africa, in the global top 20 list of stock exchanges, South Africa remains the only country in terms of market capitalization.